We offer services both to domestic and commercial customers; we can repair a chair through to upholstering a full hotel or bar.Offering the highest quality workmanship we can re-spring, repair and re-upholster.We can also carry out the framework and re-foaming.

Sofa and chair reupholstery

We're all familiar with the scenario; the things we love the most ultimately suffer the effects of age, but we don't want to part with them - instead we want to carry on making the most of our family sofa or favourite chair. Reupholstery gives you the option to do just that, and if you want to give your items the best possible treatment, then it makes sense to use Kalida's specialist reupholstery service. By reupholstering chairs and other key pieces, you can maintain the integrity of your beloved items and enjoy them for years to come.Our sofa and chair reupholstery service is suitable for many of our furniture ranges, and we can provide reupholstery in a fantastic choice of fabrics, with the option to provide your own fabric if preferred.

Reupholstering chairs - love your furniture for longer

The making of your new cushions for reupholstering your chairs and other items takes approximately 1-3 week3 from placing your order and then you're free to enjoy your reupholstery and take pleasure in your items all over again.

Full classic car interior restoration

If your pride and joy classic car is in need of a full re-trim, or it just needs some TLC, we can restore it back to its former glory. We have also done cars as old as the 1930s. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We are widely regarded as the experts in car upholstery and motorcycle seats. Our services include:

  • Soft top replacement
  • Motorcycle seat recovering
  • Car seat repairs and leather restoration
  • Interior headlining replacement

For further information please e-mail  If you prefer to discuss your problem in person - call us on +370 687 98555 and we will be happy to be of service.